Massangeana Indoor plant

Massangeana Indoor plant


'Massangeana' is an erect, sparsely branched evergreen shrub to 4m, the arching sword-shaped leaves with a central greenish-yellow stripe; seldom flowers


Ultimate height

  • 2.5-4 metres
    Ultimate spread
  • 1-1.5 metres

    Time to ultimate height

  • 10-20 years 

Other common names

corn plant                                




 Dracaena are evergreen trees, the few branches bearing linear to lance-shaped leaves often crowded towards the tips; on mature plants, small greenish-white flowers may be followed by orange or red berries 

How to grow

Cultivation Under glass grow in loam-based potting compost in full light and shade from hot sun and with moderate humidity. Water freely and apply a balanced liquid fertiliser monthly from spring to autumn and keep just moist in winter. If growth is weak, plants can be cut back to within 15cm of the base in spring. Tolerant of low light levels indoors

Propagation Propagate by semi-hardwood cuttings or leafless stem sections in spring with bottom heat

Suggested planting locations and garden types Patio & Container Plants 



  • Foliage Evergreen

  • Habit Bushy

  • Fragrance Flower

  • Hardiness




  • Full Sun

  • Aspect South-facing or West-facing or East-facing

  • Exposure Sheltered



  Moist but well-drained


 Sand, Clay, Chalk, Loam


 Acid, Alkaline, Neutral


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